Simple, Sleek & Stylish Web 2.0 Text Effect

Create a stylish and sleek "Web 2.0" feel with this easy and quick Photoshop tutorial.

Create a new document in Photoshop with  500 x 500 pixels in size, add in a nice radial gradient background. Colors I used for my gradient background were: #717577 and #191918.

Now, you can either continue on and make your text, or you can finish off the background by adding in another effect. I added another interesting effect :

duplicate the backgrounf layer, go to : filter ==> Artistic ==> Sponge, then
Filter > Pixelate > Mosaic to the duplicated layer.

After applying Mosaic to the texture, change the layer mode to Overlay and lower the opacity to around 10-25%. You should be left with something like this :

Now it’s time to add some text to your canvas. First, find and get out the Horizontal Type Tool, then drag a selection inside of your canvas. Connect the two sides of your text selection to the sides of your canvas, so the text can be perfectly centered. Write out your text.

The others font/text settings, see the below screenshot :

Next we’ll add some effects/styles to the text to make it look more interested.

Right-click your text layer in the layer’s palette and go into the Blending Options, here we can add some interesting effects to your text. Start by ticking Drop Shadow, Bevel and Emboss, and Gradient Overlay. How’s it look now? Not so brilliant I bet. Well, go into the below links to see what settings you have to change :

Drop shadow :

Bevel and Emboss :

Gradient Overlay :

Your text should look like this :

Let’s finish up. Start by duplicating your text layer (right-click in layer’s palette, click Duplicate Layer…), and after duplicating rotate it slightly in Transform Mode. (CTRL+T)

After rotating and resizing your duplicate text slightly, create a new layer and merge the two together (duplicate layer and blank layer), after doing this, apply a slight Gaussian Blur filter (1.5)

After doing all of this, change the layer mode for your blurred text layer to Overlay and lower the opacity level to around 10-30%.

Lastly, I added a kind of glossy-shine to the text layer. You can do this by first selecting the text’s pixels (hold CTRL and click the layer’s thumbnail in the layer’s palette) then on a new layer dragging a white to black radial gradient, like the one shown below :

If you haven’t already, de-select your text pixels (CTRL+D) then find and get out the Pen Tool. Using the Pen Tool, create a curved path along your gradient, like how I’ve done in the below screenshot :

After making your path using the Pen Tool, turn the path into a selection by right-clicking the path and then clicking Make Selection, now press your delete key to remove the selected part of the gradient layer.

Change the layer mode for this gradient layer to Screen, and we’re done! easy, isn't ?

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