Quick Cheetos Text Effect

In this Turorial you will Learn how to make the text used in the logo from the potato-chips, Cheetos. This is a very quick tutorial !

Step 1 : Create a new document, On a new layer, create some cool lookin' black text :

Step 2 With the text-selection still on click this button to activate a shape in which the text should be moven :

Step 3 :  add a nice color-overlay, i used here a red color :

Step 4 :

Duplicate the layer by pressing CTRL+J and place the bottom layer a bit below the other and change the color to a darker red ;

Step 5 : Now Add a thick black stroke ;

Step 6 :

And add a white stroke.You can do this by selecting the text and place a layer behind the text and fill it with white. Then give that a white stroke that reaches far beyond the black...

Step 7 : Then add this layer-style to the red text ;

The final result, easy isn't ??

The Psd file :   Here 

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