Amazing Fan Art from the Avengers Heroes

The Marvel Universe is home to hundreds of unique heroes that possess a variety of interesting super powers, But as the ligue of justice from DC comics ( their competitors No. 1) Marvel have also a ligue since the year 1963 whose name is "The Avengers" 

Characters include Spiderman, Wolverine from the X-Men, Thor, Iron-Man and more classic heroes. So what better way to show our love for superheroes than create some cool fan art ? This article will focus on delivering the best fan art from the Avengers heroes. Please take a moment to enjoy some of the stunning visuals below. 

Thor and Iron-Man By Stjepan Sejic:

Although it’s not official this is still a cool look at what the upcoming Avengers movie might look like. Two of the Avengers join forces here in a very realistic painting.

Avengers By Rennee :

Here we have on the front of the group a very well painting Wolverine and and the effects that come out of Dr.Strange are absolutely amazing.

A traditionnal painting like the real Marvel comics book as we love...

Here we have a great combination of our super heroes in a library ... The artist has given to each particular's reaction, but what is well done is the realistic painting :)

A beautiful piece of Hulk and Captain America that they will probably fight and we can see an expression which emerges from the pose of the captain like "OMG He's out of his mind !"

A true masterpiece, the artist has taken the features of the two actors who played the latest films: Capt.America and Thor, he added iron-man right, and with a very realistic painting Here is what we get :

This fan-art illustration features a very cool almost pencil drawn design style, which looks fantastic when colored plus the light effect just amazing...

The Old Avengers by Steven Donegani :

The artist made this piece by imagining the old characters of "The Avengers" although with an iron-man who reminds us the one it was made ​​in Afghanistan (I'm talking about the film) with a little creativity it's still a beautiful fan-art.

Bromance Cover Day By Jorge Molina Manzanero :

Another Cover by Molina, he did this piece for Marvel... Serious characters, and a sunset effect that gives us the feeling of a glorious day, that can only be beautiful !

Our last piece of Fanart is a pretty epic picture of 3 Avengers. Nothing much needs to be said here because the painting itself is so epic. Perfect detail and realism make for a phenomenal painting.

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