Create a Typographic Face with Phootoshop

How to create a cool typographic portrait ? It's very easy, We will use the Blend Mode to achieve the effect. The process is quite simple and very detailed, i hope you will enjoy it.

 art by opening a new face image, ( Remember the size of your chosen image )
( 552 x 546 Px )

Now go to : Image >> Adjustments >> Black & White or  (Ctrl +alt+Shift+ B), there is no need to change any value, just click OK 


Black & White applied, Now go to File >> Save ( Ctrl + S ) and save it JPG

Create a new document with the size of the picture ( 552 x 546 Px ) then using the Paint Bucket Tool (G) colorize it with a dark color ( black is recommended )

Now using the Horizontal Type Tool (T) start typing some random letters/words.

Go to Window >> Character and set the leading and the tracking of your text to reduce the spacing between the lines & letters, something like this : 

you will finaly get something similar to this picture : 

Now, open the first picture, the one that you saved on your disk, and place it on the top of your layers, change  its blend mode from Normal to Linear burn as shown in the picture

it's done, you just typographed your face, easy isn’t it ?

For any questions, or suggestions, feel free to leave a comment. ^^

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